Build, program and play

Our line of programmable robots, designed to enhance STEM skills!

Toys to build, program and have fun. With Xtrem Bots you will discover the world of educational robotics. Let your creativity lead you, solve challenges and learn to program in a fun way while you play.

Build, program and play with REX, the funny Robotic Dino!

Have fun building the dinobot and the remote control with its more than 150 pieces. Guide his steps with the remote control or program him by combining up to 50 actions. Activate its ‘Guardian’ mode to scare intruders with its terrifying roar.

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Have fun building and programming Mazzy

Two assembly options: robot or vehicle. Program Mazzy from the robot itself or from your device through the App.

Mazzy, the perfect robot to introduce you to the world of construction and programming in the most fun way.

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Toys designed and oriented to awaken STEAM skills