Program and play

Programmable remote-controlled robots

Program, dance, laugh and play with Robbie!

Robbie is a cute robot with which you will spend endless hours of fun learning how to program. Control them from the remote control or guide them with your hand gestures, thanks to their “SMART CONTROL”. Robbie has more than 20 facial expressions, as well as different musics, sounds and dances.

With Robbie the fun is guaranteed!

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Discover the secrets of space with Charlie-The

Program or control him in a simple and fun way through the App. Use your hand gestures to play with Charlie through his ‘Smart control’ and gyroscope mode. Test your knowledge of space, with a fantastic ‘Spacepedia’ (space encyclopaedia) and over 300 questions included in its two game modes.

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Join James-The Spy Bot on his secret missions!

Activate his secret communication system with claps. His spy mode allows you to record conversations (10”) and play them back later. Change the voice tone to transmit secret messages. Discover his sounds and celebrate the success of his missions with its different dances!

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robots teledirigidos

The missile launching robot!

Prepare your missions with Elite Trooper. Practice your aiming with the 5 missiles, 3 launch modes, choose one, aim and shoot, hit the bullseye!

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robots de acción

Get into action with Patrol and become a super agent!

Join Patrol on all its missions and police persecutions and learn how to program.
Use the secret police function to spy and listen to conversations, send messages and protect the city – Patrol, your super robotic agent!

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Have a great time with the robotic dino punk of the Jurassic!!!

Have fun and spend hours of entertainment playing and programming Dinopunk. Move it in any direction with its remote control, make spins & turns and be amazed by its tail movement.

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What’s up!

The craziest and funny robots have arrived to XTREM BOTS family. Meet Rock & Roll, two Little robots  with which to spend endless hours of fun and take your first steps in programming.

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